[HARDWARE] Mac Questions -

Tue Mar 12 01:52:48 EST 2002

I agree with John on this point--most vehemently!
It also explains why I have been running an 
Entropia Client for the last few weeks/months on
home desktop and personal laptop [doesn't write
to disk every 5 seconds either like dnetc which 
can quickly burn-up laptop or desktop harddrives]
to fightaids at home.  SETI ?  I don't think so.
Prime.net, I don't think so.

<<Actually the numbers below are off 1 and 2 
orders of magnitude. Nearly every
desktop system has minimum power of 50w including 
power supply losses (first
order of magnitude) and DNET will only give the 
winning client a fraction of
the RSA prise (second order of magnitude).

Why the global community wants to donate billions 
of dollars to RSA is a total
crock when maybe the cycles should be spent 
toward some good that will benifit
man kind - like detailed weather, genetic and 
drug simulations. There are thousands
of researchers who can not get enough cycles, and 
we toss them away here.


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