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Oliver Otte rc5list at seo.de
Tue Mar 12 11:59:29 EST 2002

> man kind - like detailed weather, genetic and drug simulations. There are
> thousands of researchers who can not get enough cycles, and we toss them away here.

I do understand your 'problem', but I think you got the wrong numbers.

Let's assume a PC consumes 50 W (i.e. monitor off), an a KWH costs $0.10.
$0.10 / 1000 * 50 = $0.005 per hour.

An average PC can do about 2 million keys / sec, that makes up (rounded!) around 30 blocks / h.
Based on 03/11 we have 19 394 970 127 blocks left to do. That would 'our' PC keep busy for 646 499 004 hours.
That would cost $ 6.464.990. Completely right. But most of the d.net users use their PC not only for crunching blocks, but for finishing some work. These costs for running a PC are THERE, with or without crunching.

Per user basis:
If 'our' PC started with day one participating and finishes with day 2000 (worst case) 1 440 000 blocks would have been finished. 2000 days are 48 000 hours, and would have cost $240. That would mean a) $240 wasted if you didn't find the winning key or b) a gain of $1760. But hey - spending $240 for your hobby in a period of over 5 years isn't much, right?

Oliver Otte

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