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John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Tue Mar 12 06:41:01 EST 2002

Hi Oliver,

The point was that the prize is only $10,000 to complete a puzzle that
has no lasting benifits for society. In fact, the Dnet community wastes
natural resources each day well in excess of the prize amount.

Using your number of an average PC completing 30 blocks/h and 49,324,506,609
blocks tested as of this morning, then the Dnet communits has already burned

	49,324,506,609/30/24=68,506,259 PC/Days

on this project, which in $/PCDay 50w*24h/1000kw*$0.10kwh=$.12 per PCDay
works out to roughly 68,506,259*.12 = $8.2M of global natural resources
wasted attempting claim a stupid $10,000 prize. This could turn out to be
like the Csc contest a little over a year ago, which means we get to 100%
and no solution ... and start over after buring nearly $11M in resources.

The 50W number is typical of the Mac in question, a typical PC with hard
drive spinning is nearly double this ... so the $8.2M number might actually
be low by a factor of two or three, expecially after considering that the power
efficiency of slower PC's in the "average blocks per hour" number is significantly

So I stand by the original statement ... and ask "Is there not some more
useful purpose to spend Dnet cycles that will benifit our global society?"
while damming this global waste of resources that essentially gives RSA
between $10-25M for nothing in return?


	> man kind - like detailed weather, genetic and drug simulations. There are
	> thousands of researchers who can not get enough cycles, and we toss them away here.

	I do understand your 'problem', but I think you got the wrong numbers.

	Let's assume a PC consumes 50 W (i.e. monitor off), an a KWH costs $0.10.
	$0.10 / 1000 * 50 = $0.005 per hour.

	An average PC can do about 2 million keys / sec, that makes up (rounded!) around 30 blocks / h.
	Based on 03/11 we have 19 394 970 127 blocks left to do. That would 'our' PC keep busy for 646 499 004 hours.
	That would cost $ 6.464.990. Completely right. But most of the d.net users use their PC not only for crunching blocks, but for finishing some work. These costs for running a PC are THERE, with or without crunching.

	Per user basis:
	If 'our' PC started with day one participating and finishes with day 2000 (worst case) 1 440 000 blocks would have been finished. 2000 days are 48 000 hours, and would have cost $240. That would mean a) $240 wasted if you didn't find the winning key or b) a gain of $1760. But hey - spending $240 for your hobby in a period of over 5 years isn't much, right?

	Oliver Otte
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