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Not even going to ask how we got so far off the subject of hardware/mac
questions...but I will interject my $.02. I think the ultimate solution
would be for the operating system vendors (redhat, Microsoft (I know..i
know..), mac, etc) to integrate distributed type applications with the
operating systems. It could be anything from something included in
"Accessories" to just another screen saver... More people would catch on
to the concept, and quicker results could be found. Who wouldn't check
"yes I'd like to cure cancer" in their install options...my comments are
easily attackable, but I think that my idea is pretty solid. Think about
how many cashiers, clerks, secretaries, etc waste their "resources" and
could be helping out someone- just a thought

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> The point was that the prize is only $10,000 to complete a puzzle that
> has no lasting benifits for society. 

This 'puzzle' may not be for a benefit for everybody, but it may be for
a large group of people.
Besides that somebody can say 'Why should I let my PC search for a cure
of a disease I don't have or will never get ?'.
The least people will do it for a 'social' reason.

Don't get me wrong. I would switch to 'medicine' distributed stuff
IMMEDITALY if somebody show me a project that is in the hand of a
NON-PROFIT organization ! I don't want to waste cycles by searching for
a medicine one company
will sell for a high price!

(I'm pretty sure somebody will point me to folding.stanford.edu now ...
and I am considering switching projects after finishing RC5. I don't
want those blocks I've done to be wasted by quitting now.)

> on this project, which in $/PCDay 50w*24h/1000kw*$0.10kwh=$.12 per
> works out to roughly 68,506,259*.12 = $8.2M of global natural

You are missing the most important point of my last post.
The most computers don't do RC5 ONLY, they do work, they are used to
play computer games and stuff.
Those 'ressources' are ''wasted'', with or without doing RC5.

They would even been wasted when doing nothing besides normal stuff.

The difference between you and me is just that you are stating "'Waste'
the ressources on an important project !"
How can you tell that those distributed medicine projects will ever come
up with something useful ?

> So I stand by the original statement ... and ask "Is there not some
> useful purpose to spend Dnet cycles that will benifit our global

This question is wrong.
You could ask that question in every relation ("Are your working on
something that our society can benefit from ?").

BTW, I wish I would live in a society where people only do stuff that
the whole society can benefit from!

Oliver Otte

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