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John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Tue Mar 12 13:18:05 EST 2002

	Don't get me wrong. I would switch to 'medicine' distributed stuff
	IMMEDITALY if somebody show me a project that is in the hand of a
	NON-PROFIT organization ! I don't want to waste cycles by searching
	for a medicine one company will sell for a high price!

Some feel this same way about RSA - a group of for-profit high finance guys
locking down technology patents for their own good. In someways they are
even more evil than medical corporations which at least are trying to help
people, rather than restrict and profit on usage of crypto technology.

There is a great deal of medical research being done with public dollars
which if aided by global resources like Dnet would help keep some of
results free of corporate patents.

	You are missing the most important point of my last post.
	The most computers don't do RC5 ONLY, they do work, they are used to
	play computer games and stuff.  Those 'ressources' are ''wasted'',
	with or without doing RC5.

Not at all, the point continues to be: isn't there a more useful way to use
these cycles instead of beating RSA's drum?

	The difference between you and me is just that you are stating
	"'Waste' the ressources on an important project !" How can you
	tell that those distributed medicine projects will ever come up
	with something useful ?

Pretty hard, but at least the end goal would be for something more useful
and beating RSA's drum which surely isn't going to improve anyones lives
but the RSA stock holders.

	> So I stand by the original statement ... and ask "Is there not some more
	> useful purpose to spend Dnet cycles that will benifit our global society?"

	This question is wrong.
	You could ask that question in every relation ("Are your working on
	something that our society can benefit from ?").

No - it is the right question, and the right step toward realization of
what you aspire too as well:

	BTW, I wish I would live in a society where people only do stuff
	that the whole society can benefit from!

This project has taken on a life of it's own, and many machines enlisted into
Dnet service do nothing but Dnet for the purpose of building personal stats.
The Mac in question was one of those, a machine that probably would have
been scrapped or given to a young kid where it would actually be productive.

	Oliver Otte

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