[HARDWARE] Class envy and the Evil Companies making profits - was Mac Questions

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Tue Mar 12 15:06:29 EST 2002

	I would rather give my CPU cycles to a big evil corporation that
	employees people in the US, and has the funds to make use of the data,
	rather than some ambiguous "For the good of mankind" BS that has yet to
	prove itself useful.   

	Besides, a share of the RC5 winnings are going to charity anyhow...

	My last post on the topic.
	Joseph Kaye

Hi Joseph,

I made the comment in the frame of thought that Oliver responded, bashing
drug companies, which also employ thousands of people in US - and in the
same frame work that EFF and Linux people bash software companies for their

The interesting thing, is that many of the cycles come from overseas, Russia,
Japan, ... all helping the RSA guys prove how strong their encryption is. Maybe
this is a CIA plot to drain foriegn natural resources :) They probably do not
share your US jobs theory.

I'd still rather see the resources spent to develop better antibiotics to
counter the rapid spread of multiply drug resistant bacteria like hospitalized
my son and father for several weeks, or toward finding better breast cancer
treatments (which hit my mom twice, and killed several friends) or towards
an AIDS cure/treatment/vacine which kills millions each year in the world,
or towards modelling renewable energy designs, possibly clean cold fusion.

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