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John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Mar 13 12:23:27 EST 2002

	> It doesn't matter if the cycles/energy are done today, or tomarrow, if they
	> are used there is no savings.

	Not true, If they are done 'tomorrow' then there will be a saving on
	electricity because the more powerful computer of tomorrow will crunch much
	faster than todays.  And possibly with miniaturisation at a lower power
	consumption to boot.

That is an interesting point. Have you noticed that the new 1.x GHz processors and
their companion chipsets/memory are nearly 100W, nearly linear the power use of
slower processors which used to be 20w or so?

With feature sizes approaching minimum gate sizes, the number of electrons in the
minimum stable charge for a gate isn't changing as fast anymore and the "work" of
moving the electrons between gates is becoming a constant. The newer faster processors
actually continue to rise in gate count, offseting the minor reduction in "work".

I suppose we can wait for genetic or quantum computers to break the limits, at which
point RC5-64 will be toast in hours.

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