[HARDWARE] Cost of crunching (was: Mac Questions)

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Mar 13 15:50:21 EST 2002

	In my original post I used ballpark guesses for some of the source 
	numbers. If we're going to compare processors it should be done with real 
	numbers. I'm using only the CPU power in the calculation since this 
	number is available, it's the only component really utilized by the RC5 
	cruncher (spinning up the disk after every block is another issue) and 
	represents the difference between letting the processor idle or crunching 

	     cira 93-94 68030 33Mhz.        [From www.lowendmac.com]
	     RC5: 9725 k/s (0.13 blocks/hr) [From d.net speed chart]
	     CPU power 2.6w max (@40 Mhz?)  [From motorola product summary]

	     $1US = (aprox) 10,000 watt hrs = 3846 CPU hrs = 500 blocks.

	Can we get enough of these data points to plot crunching costs over time?

	-- Dan Oetting

It doesn't work to just use processor power, there are a lot of other components
in the "system" ... even with high integration PC's which clock the front side
buss (and everything on it) at 100/133mhz. The LCIII will not tick unless the
processor buss and get memory cycles ... and the memory controller and DRAM's
use power too.

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