[HARDWARE] [Way OT] Usefulnes/dist project debate - was Mac Questions

Gerald Richter glassman1 at neonshadow.net
Wed Mar 13 16:21:52 EST 2002

I won't quote as it would be pointless, i'll just file my statement and
wave my "flame me" flag - don't bother though, all flames will be routed
to /dev/null. The following is strictly my opinion, if you don't like it

I would much rather play with cryptography then waste my time on
fighting nature, there are better ways of taking care of cancer then
drugs - feed the person raw onions regularly, that will increase the
body's ability to fight cancer, which will decrease the cancer's chances
of surviving. Not only is working with nature smarter, it's more
effective and wastes a helluva lot less resources then
fighting it. There is also the concept that if the person is dying from
it then perhaps it is for the best, get over it and quit trying to grief
the world over your selfish want to keep them alive.

On the subject of better anti-biotics, again this is counter productive.
We should be figuring out how to boost the body's own immune system, not
trying to invent a better poison (that's what antibiotics are, poisons.)
The easiest method is to straighten our diets/sleep patterns/stresses
around so that the body isn't fighting our insane demands instead of
keeping it's self protected against virii, bacteria, etc.

As to what purpose d.net serves, that can be proven by looking at the
rate at which work is completed. D.net's capacity has steadily increased
over time with no real increase (or loss) in active members.

As to the waste of non-renewable resources, that is an epidemic in
countries that refuse to switch to cleaner forms of energy production.
Nuclear power, despite it's dangers, is allot less polluting then coal,
oil, or gas... and it's renewable by means of so called breeder
reactors. Of this the united states is one of the biggest offenders,
however truth be told the US buys allot of this clean power from canada,
which is willing to run nuclear plants.

As to the evilness of companies that lock stuff up under patents and
licensing, that's life because of the laws we allowed to be written -
change the laws or shut up.

As to the idea of adding further bloat to already bloated OSes, i'm
against it. If anything these companies should start stripping the crap
back out, i'll install the stuff I want/will use on my systems thank you.

On the subject of $10k being a suitable prize, it's a perfectly good
some of money for something that runs in the background and grabs cycles
that i'm not using otherwise to make money. I run d.net on several
servers, and when they aren't busy serving up money making web pages and
SQL queries they are dinking away at whatever wanders across my d.net
proxy, no love lost there, those machines run 24/7 just in case some
customer wants to visit a hosted web site or fetch their email, why not
have them plugging away at a project that just happens to interest me
and offer a potential prize?

As to who crypto research benefits - try nearly everyone that it doesn't
outright harm. It's what keeps your financial records safe from prying
eyes, and as crackers from around the world have repeatedly demonstrated
since 9/11, the international banking community needs better crypto and
other security measures - they have located and handed over to
authorities information on dozens of bank accounts that are linked to
persons and organizations on various countries most wanted terrorist
lists, in the process they have accessed hundreds of thousands of bank
accounts -- isn't that comforting?

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