[HARDWARE] Cost of crunching (was: Mac Questions)

George Mogiljansky mogil_jan at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 18 12:15:58 EST 2002

Hi John,
Forgive my ignorance, but isn't bandwidth associated/proportional at some
stage with energy consumption? And isn't increased bandwith requirement
associated with high speed/cable access?

Regarding your quasi-political comments in a later e-mail, I heartily
agree. There exist a myriad of other ways to conserve energy in the USA,
but the oil lobby, the tax structure/system and general perceptions among
the American decision-making class about life and lifestyle preclude at the
moment a serious discussion of this topic.
I would have added, just for openers: rewriting the building code(s) to
allow only well-insulated buildings (for both hot and cold climates),
alternative energy (also forcing energy-conserving ideas/patents from out
of the grip of vested interests) and its implementation (eg. the use of
hybrid auto engines is a success for Toyota running 5 or 6 model years now,
with Honda and Ford making big advances), a healthier attitude towards meat
consumption (the energy needed to raise one pound of beef is well
documented), and other issues (see the classic book "Small is Beautiful").
And we don't have to retreat to the technological middle ages: e.g.
renaissanceproject.com is one example of el-cheapo space travel, and there
is an ongoing race (prize is US $10 million) to put two persons into
near-earth orbit in two consecutive launches using readily available
non-proprietary 'household' materials/homegrown tools and such.
I thank John and all the others for providing me a forum to rant...

>George Mogiljansky <mogil_jan at sympatico.ca> writes on  Sun, 17 Mar 2002
>19:45:07 -0500
>	I'm using a 56k modem for several reasons, but mainly because the
>	of an "always on" Internet connection using ADSL(regardless of
>whether or
>	not I'm using it) seems wasteful. And there are security risks.
>	Many thanks to those who participated in the debate.
>	George M., Canada
>The always on data services that are piggybacked on other mediums are actually
>much less wasteful - which may seem counter intuitive.
>Telephone cross bars are designed for a certain oversubscription level,
>a factor of 8-10, so that only 15% of the subscribers can expect service
>at the
>same time. Dialup modem service stresses this model, requiring more switching
>resources and interswitch trunk lines. Carrying data on dedicated dual
>64bkps voice
>circuits isn't nearly as efficient as using aggregated packet switched data.
>So, DSL and cable modem services are actually less wastefull - while the
>is "always on", it does not tie up 126kbps of continuous data like a full
>voice circuit does. Packets only flow while you are actually doing
>something on
>the "always on" connection.
>It is very important for our society to switch to non-dialup technologies, and
>minimize the number of no-dial-tone events which might block a 911 call
>of high dialup internet use in certain areas.
>John Bass
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