[HARDWARE] Newest client causes BSOD with AMD 2100+?

Henry T Wijaya wijayas at bigpond.net.au
Thu Oct 17 14:00:46 EDT 2002

ws6ta at lvcm.com wrote:
>>I, too, would highly suspect the fan/heatsink and case fans/ventilation.
>>Remember, with a CPU that fast, put fans everywhere in the case where
>>there's a place for them. Also be sure to use an AMD-recommonded
>>heatsink/fan for that particular CPU model.
> Thanks for the input.  I currently have 3 3000rpm fans in the case, 2 intakes and 1 exhaust, plus the two fans in the power supply (Enermax brand).  The CPU has a big heat sink on it with a large fan.  I guess I could look at improving that though.  The MB reports it's temp at around 38*C.
> Keith-
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I wouldn't be too concerned with the system temperature. Usually I have 
my system running with one side of the case open. Of course, that 
depends entirely the location of your system.

Big heatsink doesn't necessarily means that's enough. If you've bought 
your system through a vendor, you should be able to claim from them 
about the temperature problem.

Do you play games? Try playing games any recent games. If playing games 
bring your system to a halt, then it should be your cpu temperature 
problem. Otherwise, it might really have got something to do with dnetc 
newest client. Though I highly doubt so.

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