[HARDWARE] Newest client causes BSOD with AMD 2100+?

Thord Nilson thordn at stacken.kth.se
Thu Oct 17 10:39:59 EDT 2002

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Henry T Wijaya wrote:
> Big heatsink doesn't necessarily means that's enough. If you've bought 
> your system through a vendor, you should be able to claim from them 
> about the temperature problem.
Yes, and on the (new) Athlon-s (and P-III:s) the heatsink
is directly attached to the chip. Which means that if there is only 
one small portion (like 1 sq-mm) of the chip that does not have good
contact with the heatsink, then that part may overheat and cause
malfunction even though the rest of the chip is thermally ok.

I've seen this on an Athlon that would not even boot reliably.


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