[HARDWARE] alpha: linux binary's ogr core very slow

Tom Vier tmv at comcast.net
Wed Apr 23 20:31:48 EDT 2003

using the dec unix client v2.8010-463-CPR-00080322, ogr core #0 (gasrp 5.13)
i get about 4.8 million nodes per second.

using the latest static linux/alpha binary, with core #0 (same core as the
dec unix client) i get 2.6 million. using core #1 (gaspr 5.13-cix) i get 2.8

the linux binary i'm using is the ev5 version, v2.9001-478-CTR-02112010.

why is the old core 2 million nodes/sec faster than the newer core in the
newer linux binary? aren't both cores written in asm, by hand? isn't core #0
the same in both clients? this is a huge difference.

(i'm using -bench on both)

Tom Vier <tmv at comcast.net>
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