[Hardware] The market of ASICs (One GigaKey / Second?)

Dan Oetting dan_oetting at uswest.net
Mon Aug 9 14:11:52 EDT 2004

On Aug 9, 2004, at 11:05 AM, jbass at dmsd.com wrote:

> Awesome!! don't meet many cycle counters these days - I had almost 
> thought
> that was becoming a lost art! I dropped out of that biz some six years 
> back
> because nobody was willing to pay for performance anymore.
> On the PIII's and later how close did you get? What's the speedup over 
> gcc's
> best effort of:

I don't do pentiums. My core would process 1 key every 296 clock cycles 
on a PowerPC 603 processor. It may be 30-40% faster then the best C 
code on the same CPU.

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