[Hardware] The market of ASICs (One GigaKey / Second?)

jbass at dmsd.com jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Aug 11 17:50:15 EDT 2004

ugghh ... I cann't talk on the phone while doing math in my head, and
writing this. The end results are about right (which I've done dozens
of times) the in intermediates are jumbled. If there is an error here
let me know.

	17.5KW/hr is about 15 million calories per hour, or about 4 kilocalories/min.
	If we allow a 4C rise in coolant from input to output of the processor
	stack, then we need 1 kilogram/min of water, which is about 132lbs/min,
	or rougly 16 gallons/min of water as a coolant at room temps. If chilled
	water is available, it takes considerably less.

   from units:
	You have: kilowatt
	You want: calories/hour
		* 859845.23
		/ 1.163e-06

then 17.5 * 859845.23/60/1000 = 251 kilocalories/min

a 4C rise would then be 62.75 kilogram/min of water, which is about
62.75*2.2 = 138.05lbs/min or 17 gallons/min

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