[Hardware] Hardware interface to d.net /counting stats

jbass at dmsd.com jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Aug 11 18:19:52 EDT 2004

"Dan Oetting" <dan_oetting at uswest.net> writes:
> When you have the hardware built, tested and ready to go, just ask 
> d.net for a block of 2^64 keys to run on your hardware. When you have 
> that much power you don't need their stats page for fame. You can 
> publish your own stats.

There are enough small FPGA's out in the world in the form of student
FPGA boards. Those hung off a parallel port would make modest RC5 engines.
A few thousand of those thruout the d.net community, would bump the
key rate significantly.

So the hardware *IS* built, just need software to drive it.


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