[Hardware] Hardware interface to d.net /counting stats

david fleischer cilantro_il at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 15:24:44 EDT 2004

I don't see a problem with giving the d.net people the
hardware core, in fact the opposite.
I think we should exploit the frame-work that's
already there...
If they will take the hard core and a basic driver and
integrate it into the client, that's great! (I see the
glass definitely half full)
That way there is just one standard client that works
both in soft or with the external hardware.


--- Dan Oetting <dan_oetting at uswest.net> wrote:

> On Aug 12, 2004, at 2:15 AM, david fleischer wrote:
> > Already we have a really good startint point
> (IMHO)
> > D.net has written the client software, which seems
> to
> > run very well. They also make the "core" available
> for
> > tinkering, therefore it seems that this is an
> ideal
> > place where to put the interface.
> An RC5 cracking engine was implemented in hardware
> back in 1995 but 
> since the official clients are closed this hardware
> cannot contribute 
> to the project.
> Yes, there is an open source version of the client.
> But some critical 
> pieces are missing in the open source so a tinkerer
> cannot build a 
> client that works with the d.net servers. The
> tinkerer is expected to 
> give there core back to d.net to be compiled into an
> official client. 
> This will not work for 1000's of hardware tinkerers.
> It hasn't worked 
> for 1 hardware tinkerer since 1995.
> > We just replace the code that is regarded as the
> > "core" with a function that send the starting
> index of
> > the 2^32 key block to the external hardware.

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