[Hardware] Hardware interface to d.net /counting stats

jbass at dmsd.com jbass at dmsd.com
Thu Aug 12 16:31:25 EDT 2004

	I don't see a problem with giving the d.net people the
	hardware core, in fact the opposite.
	I think we should exploit the frame-work that's
	already there...
	If they will take the hard core and a basic driver and
	integrate it into the client, that's great! (I see the
	glass definitely half full)
	That way there is just one standard client that works
	both in soft or with the external hardware.


The big problem is that there will never be just "a hardware core"
unless you are talking about the generic software drivers (plural)
which live on the interface machines (have the internet on one side,
and FPGA system on the other)

There will be a fair number of FPGA bit streams for several dozen
off the shelf boards and growing.

When I signed on to this list several years back, I was interested
in participating then with a custom built hardware engine, but family
obligations and work got in the way - as did d.net.

I'm pretty much leaning toward reengineering d.net as a peer2peer
design with a distributed AND redundant key database and infrastructure
that is completely open source - No secrets, No special membership
to play/participate, completely open book.

Dan has some good ideas here on how to get there, as to some other
people. With the current stats of:

       The odds are 1 in 318,457 that we will wrap this thing
       up in the next 24 hours. (This also means that we'll
       hit 100% in 318,457 days at yesterday's rate.)

The existing d.net clients and infrastructure of users/members is an
insigificant resource when as little as a few hundred good sized FPGAs,
or a few dozen ASICs, can replace it at the same performance and burn
a lot less global resources in the process. A midsize FPGA running on
solar power is one to three orders of magnitude more powerful than the
200-400W PC's currently running d.net clients. These can be built open
source, open hardware out of salvage parts for $30-300 frequently, and
just tossed on your roof with a CAT-V cable.


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