[Hardware] Notes on packing serial cores into Xilinx devices

Steven Nikkel steven_nikkel at ertyu.org
Fri Aug 13 12:00:32 EDT 2004

> Secret based organizations have a huge problem with acceptance and
> coordination, as more people are quietly rejected for being an
> outsider, than are embraced and included. The current standard of
> participation with d.net blessed clients does not fit the evolving
> role of high performance hardware cracking engines where their is
> no standard, high volume platform to design around.
snip ...
> I think that d.net needs to re-invent itself, or we will. Closed core
> architectures and FPGA's just will not mix. Even fast NT/Linux boxes
> are not even in the same processing league as small to modest sized
> FPGA based engines.
> Maybe as Dan suggested, our cooperation is just sharing key space
> assignments.

I think you might have a misunderstanding of D.net. We gladly welcome new 
people and would especially welcome you to port the client to a 
hardware/FPGA based cruncher. There is no history of rejection or 
secrecy as you suggest. Rather suggestions for improvements arrive on a
regular basis. While these ideas aren't rejected, they may not see the light
of day for a period of time. D.net is a volunteer based organization and as
such there is often a lack of time or expertise required to implement the
suggestion. As for the closed source, this document provides a good 
background on the reasoning: 

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