[Hardware] Hardware cracker status?

jbass at dmsd.com jbass at dmsd.com
Fri Sep 17 15:08:16 EDT 2004

	From: "Alex S." <al_91dak at hotmail.com>
	I was just wondering, is there a hardware RC5-72 cracking engine yet?

I have the RC5-64 engine I did for the XCV1000E, which would require
trivial mods for RC5-72 ... just add one more 32 register bank per
stage for the additional L term, and a slight change to initialize it.
That might cascade into packing/routing problems making fit difficult
at first, but there is plenty of space in the device.

Still don't have an approved DNet client to drive it, which is why I dropped
the project before. If we could get them to pull the engine out of an approved
core, and just drop the block assignments into a directory as one file per
block, and take files in the same directory with a different name prefix/suffix
as completed blocks, we could have it running in a day or two.

The suggestions to require a checksum of residuals, or some other proof of
work would need to be added to the RC5-72 engine, but that is also pretty

If DNet want's to provide an approved hardware client, I'll be happy to
provide the XCV1000E engine as a prototype for others as a starting point
to port to their FPGA's.

It's a pretty trivial hardware project, given that most universitys now
do System On a Chip projects at an undergrad level.


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