[Hardware] Dual-core and/or SMP + Win9x/ME

Vadim Tukaev shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru
Sun Oct 16 00:59:49 EDT 2005


What happend, if I start distributed.net-client on SUBJ machine? Can 
dnetc utilize all processor power in this situation? In other words:

Scenario1. Let us assume, that I have computer with processor, which 
produce 1M keys/sec. I run dnetc in any OS and get approximately 1M k/s.

Scenario2. I install to my computer two processors, each of them equal 
to processor from Scenario1. I run dnetc on top of Win9x/ME, not 
NT4/2000/XP. How many keys/sec I can get practically? 1M or 2M?

Scenario3. I install dual-core processor, each core of it equal to 
processor in Scenario1. I run dnetc on top of Win9x/ME. What I get?

Scenario4. I install two Scenario3-processors (i.e. dual-core). They 
able to produce 4M k/s theoretically, but can I get such on Win9x/ME?


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