[Hardware] Dual-core and/or SMP + Win9x/ME

Floris Dansen Floppus at Chello.nl
Sun Oct 16 02:05:26 EDT 2005


The distributed.net client can ONLY use processors/cores that are also
supported by the operating system.

Windows 9x/me do NOT support multiple processors/cores, therefore the client
will only use one.
The least. Furthermore, there is a difference in performance with different
operating systems; this has to do with how well the OS is programmed, if the
OS efficiently uses new processor features etc.
If I remember correctly, the client runs fastest on Linux or Windows XP

So, to apply that to your scenarios:

Scenario 1: More or less, small differences exist (or large if you count DOS
as an OS ;))

Scenario 2: If the number of processors > 1, you will need to use an OS
supporting that. If the OS supports it, you can more or less say that if you
use processors doing 1Mkeys/s, the output will be number of processors times
1Mkeys/s. In your example: 1Mkeys/s because of Win9x/Me.
Note that this is in most cases, where the average machine load is low. In
specific situations with heavy loads, this doesn't apply.

Scenario 3: Again, Win9x/ME do not support multiple processors/cores, you
will get as much performance as with a single core processor with the same

Scenario 4: See scenario 3. You WILL need an OS supporting the amount of
CPU's in your system. Note that if you have 2 dual core processors, your OS
will need to support 4 CPU's. This is for example not the case with the
standard Windows NT 4 machines.

Question: If you have the meens to put together a 4-core machine, why would
you want to run something as awful as Win9x/me ?


Floris Dansen

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What happend, if I start distributed.net-client on SUBJ machine? Can
dnetc utilize all processor power in this situation? In other words:

Scenario1. Let us assume, that I have computer with processor, which
produce 1M keys/sec. I run dnetc in any OS and get approximately 1M k/s.

Scenario2. I install to my computer two processors, each of them equal
to processor from Scenario1. I run dnetc on top of Win9x/ME, not
NT4/2000/XP. How many keys/sec I can get practically? 1M or 2M?

Scenario3. I install dual-core processor, each core of it equal to
processor in Scenario1. I run dnetc on top of Win9x/ME. What I get?

Scenario4. I install two Scenario3-processors (i.e. dual-core). They
able to produce 4M k/s theoretically, but can I get such on Win9x/ME?


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