[Hardware] Dual-core and/or SMP + Win9x/ME

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Fri Oct 21 05:10:36 EDT 2005

On 20 Oct, 2005, at 23:48, Nathan Klassen wrote:

>>> Scenario 4: See scenario 3. You WILL need an OS supporting the 
>>> amount of
>>> CPU's in your system. Note that if you have 2 dual core processors, 
>>> your OS
>>> will need to support 4 CPU's.
>> I suspected it. Thanks for this verification, it is extremely 
>> important.
> This is not necessarily true and I'll toss you a few links.
> First off not all dual core CPUs support hyperthreading - and beyond 
> that not all INTEL dual core CPU's support hyperthreading.
> Only the 'Extreme Edition' Dual Core's support hyperthreading

Actually, if you have two dual-core CPUs, I think it still appears as 4 
CPUs to the OS.

- Beep

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