[Hardware] Status on FPGA PCB

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Mon Dec 4 22:38:55 EST 2006

	The earlier arguments "against" pursuing a GPU based solution was that 
	it was too expensive, but at least I can use a high end video card for 
	gaming :)  I can't see too many people willing to plop down a grand for 
	such a board..

	John L. Bass wrote:
	> 	a grand for two by the time we add eeproms/flash, power supplies, cap's,
	> a grand for a octal board ...

As I said earlier, I don't expect many people to plunk down a grand to generate
d.net scores either. An RC board that is useful for doing circuit simulation
or other reconfigurable computing applications is another matter. I personally
have NO use for a $100 GPU, but *I* do have need for a very good RC card that is
a LOT cheaper than $10K Dini Group cards, which is why *I* am doing it. The
others have their own reasons, like thesis projects. Personally I have a lot more
interest in RSA Factoring challenges, and have some interesting algorithms that
need very strong acceleration ... hence a good FPGA card (actually several of them).

I don't think ANYONE will stop you from developing a GPU d.net client. Go ahead an
do it, *if* *you* want to. It seems there will soon be an open interface to get
keys and return results making other pet d.net projects easier.

We each have our interests, and desires, and abilities ... act on them.

Have fun!

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