[Hardware] RC5 vhdl files online

gmeurice at dice.ucl.ac.be gmeurice at dice.ucl.ac.be
Tue Dec 5 10:11:00 EST 2006


I submitted my vhdl files some time ago.
Nevertheless, as pointed out by John, the files are not in the
appropriate folder.
I'm trying to put the files into rc5-72 but it seems that I don't have
access to it. The folder exists but is empty, so I can't create it
again. Olivier, could you tell me if everything is ok from your side?

The files can nevertheless be found in the test repository under the
name rc5-72.
I'm trying to list the best implementation options together with the
maximum frequency achievable by each version of the core. (I have
currently some weird results for Virtex4LX since my last version of
the counters surrounding the RC5 core).

For Spartan3 (2000, speedgrade 4 (lowest)), it currently runs at 125
Mhz and takes 19893 slices and 26 bRAMs. As some room is still
available, some optimizations can be added to reduce the critical
path. John and I are currently discussing about that.

By the way, my lab can afford such a 8-FPGA board. We would be
interested to have one. I'm happy you are doing that John, I don't
have the skills to design a board like that (heat problems!).


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