[Hardware] RC5 on FPGA, updated results

gmeurice at dice.ucl.ac.be gmeurice at dice.ucl.ac.be
Fri Dec 22 04:19:01 EST 2006


Happy Christmas to everyone.

Some results without placement constraints:
230 Mkeys/sec on a Virtex4 LX40-10
for 1000 compo: around 200 USD (2007/2008 Resale Price)
for 1 compo: around 400 USD (avnet prices)

140 Mkeys/sec on a Spartan3 2000-4
for 1000 compo: around 80 USD (2007/2008 Resale Price)
for 1 compo: around 120 USD (avnet prices)

I have some troubles for the use of ISE tools for the Place and Route
step of the constrained Spartan3 design.
John is helping me fixing that.

See you'


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