[Hardware] RC5 with FPGAs

Martin Klingensmith martin at nnytech.net
Sat May 27 15:44:15 EDT 2006

I was working on a project like this about 6 months ago. I believe I was
told that if I get it working, they'll give me a key range to work on. I
ran out of time to finish my own project.
There should be an archive of emails that includes a lot of discussions
about this in the past, but I bet that someone having authority will
reply and tell you.
Martin K

gmeurice at dice.ucl.ac.be wrote:

>I hope I will have more echoes using the hardware mailing list.
>I'm Guerric Meurice de Dormale and I'm a Ph.D. Student at the
>UCL CryptoGroup (Belgium) under the supervision of Jean-Jacques
>One of our Ms.C. Student is currently finishing the implementation the
>RC5 32/12/9 challenge on an FPGA platform. It is a fully pipelined design
>with a throughput of one key search every clock cycle.
>Currently, the engine should goes up to 150M keys/sec on a Xilinx
>VirtexII6000-5 device. In the future, it is planned to use Virtex4LX
>FPGAs with a higher logic density and a higher maximum operating
>frequency (a twofold improvement about the frequency is expected (?)).
>It could be very valuable for the work of our student to join the
>distributed.net cracking effort. However, as the communication
>protocol is not available, it is not possible without your support.
>Nevertheless, it seems that people were planning to enable FPGA engine
>within the key search effort (cfr. Hardware mailing list). Does
>someone know if something was done in that area? or if something could be
>I already thank you for reading this email.
>I hope we could join distributed.net soon!

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