[Hardware] RC5 on FPGA, updated results

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Wed Feb 21 15:56:47 EST 2007

Hi Bryan,

The initial PCB layout has been complete for a while, but a combination of
family and paying work has caused it to sit on the back burner for a while.
The design is laid out to power a single FPGA, but the artwork will support
up to 8 devices. Guerric and I are still a little unsure just what the total
power and heat would be for 8 devices running full tilt. The layout has the
core power plane brought out for a daugher card which can support a power
supply large enough to power the full configuration. A custom heat sink would
need to be milled for the front and back of the board for a fully populated
octal board.

The design is for a 64bit 3.3V PCI directly using XC3S2000 pins for the
PCI interface, and uses a platform flash chip to boot the board. It's
pretty much KISS in the single FPGA configuration, so first run boards
could be available in two weeks if people were jung ho to get it up and
running. Guerric I believe may be a bit preoccupied for a few weeks till
he gets his thesis finished.

I have most of the parts here to build the first several dozen boards, just
need to send the PCB cad files out and have the PWB's manufactured. Cost
for first run boards will be $150/ea, and I can build up to about 50 of
them if there is interest.

Who's game?

Have fun!

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