[Hardware] RC5 Challenges cancelled by RSA

William Halverson william at netpros.net
Fri Jun 1 14:58:03 EDT 2007

Maybe these projects would benifit from your work?



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 >Sadly RSA cancelled the Secret Key Challenges last week without much warning. It
 >would have been nicer if they would have put an ending date on the challenges sometime
 >in the next year or two ... maybe like Dec 31 2009 to end the decade. I was actually
 >looking forward to a different, but promising FPGA attack on RC5 later this year.
 >Might be worth asking RSA to reconsider the abrupt termination, and ask for a
 >reasonable date a year or two out. The program over the years hasn't cost them
 >much, and created a lot of interest in crypto work as an application area in the
 >universities world wide. Especially in factoring.
 >For those still interested I have been working on cutting octal spartan boards this
 >next week ... with thanks to Bryan for some review help and suggestions. The board
 >now has an 8+1 Hypercube configuration with a separate controller FPGA. Onboard power
 >for about 100W of computation power (about as much as we can cool the Spartan Chips)
 >with a PCI slot fan and heat sinks.
 >The nice part about reconfigurable computing using FPGA's is they are relatively
 >easily retargeted to other projects.
 >Have fun,
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