[Hardware] Has anyone made progress on that CUDA client?

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Fri Nov 21 12:25:55 EST 2008

hmm ... the attachment got stripped .... here it is

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Thanks Burt,

This is an interesting challenge, but if I get that far, then
likely I'd not share that until it hit pay dirt one way or the
other. It would certainly have to be worth something to someone,
if RSA isn't interested in paying for the months of work.

Have fun!

        Subject: RE: Contact Form [Challenges] RC5-72 secret key challenge
        Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 22:03:35 -0500
        From: "Kaliski, Burt" <BKaliski at rsasecurity.com>
        To: <jbass at dmsd.com>
        Cc: <rsa-labs-info at rsasecurity.com>

        We're expecting to see the key -- but if you did happen to 
recover the
        full plain text (and possibly the SBox values) without 
recovering the
        key, we'd be interested in hearing about that as well, 
especially how
        you did it.

        -- Burt

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        Subject: Contact Form [Challenges] RC5-72 secret key challenge

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        Would it be enough to simply provide the full plain text for
        the cipher text of the challenge, or must the key actually be 
        to win?

        I'm considering other brute force FPGA based ways to approach a
        solution, which may not easily allow reconstructing the original
        encryption key, just the SBox.

        Seems the intent of the challenge was to prove how hard it is to
        recover encrypted text, not necessarily the original key, as the
        actual challenge is worded.  The SBox is in many senses, the 
real key,
        and not the seed for the scheduling hashing algorithm that expands
        the seed and produces the SBox.

        Thanks,  John

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