[Hardware] OGR-27 OpenCL core write attempt

steven_nikkel at ertyu.org steven_nikkel at ertyu.org
Wed Aug 15 16:11:18 EDT 2012

Have a look at the cores for PS3/cell. I know it was quite memory
constrained as well and might offer some insights.

> Dnia środa, 15 sierpnia 2012 10:15:01 Jeff Lawson pisze:
>> Unfortunately, I don't think it will be possible for you to eliminate
>> the choose data tables since they are intrinsic to the OGR algorithm
>> and the parameters that we have selected for the project.
> Too bad. So I must look deeply how it is generated and make fast way to
> make
> it accessible to OpenCL kernel.
>> What performance are you currently seeing on your OpenCL core relative
>> to the CPU core for OGR?
> I'm far far away from see any benchmarks. For now I have only this kernel.
> But
> I don't expect high computing rate since algorithm need lot of memory and
> is
> hard to scale it to multicore processing.
> I estimate for my AMD HD6670 - it has 480 800MHz stream processors which
> give
> it  6 compute units. It have 32kb of local memory, my kernel use ~1kb of
> it.
> So at max each compute unit can run up to 32 stubs on same time, but safe
> estimate will be 16 on same time. Assuming computing speed of single work
> unit
> as "real 800MHz CPU" it will have ~ 3 Mnodes/s.
> All of it give 6 computing units x 16 work units x 3 Mnodes/s = 288
> Mnodes/s.
> Nothing special but still it is two times more than my AMD FX-4100 CPU.
> --
>   Konrad Rzepecki (Hannibal)

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