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Fri Aug 13 21:00:02 EDT 1999

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nugget :: 13-Aug-1999 03:43 (Friday) ::

Real life can be really weird...

We'd planned a semi-official DCTI get-together in Atlanta for this weekend
and Decibel really screwed things up by showing up at hfdirect late this
afternoon.  Decibel is crashing on the NuggetCouch(tm) tonight and tomorrow
we head to Atlanta to meet up with AldE.  After having worked closely with
these guys for over two years, this is the first time we've ever met.  

If you catch this plan update when it hits, you can probably see decibel
and stacey and I in the nuggetcams.

On a more official note, yes, I'm aware that the daily totals on stats
are not updating correctly.  I should have it fixed before tomorrow's

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