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Thu Aug 26 21:00:02 EDT 1999

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nugget :: 26-Aug-1999 21:54 (Thursday) ::

In response to the many inquiries regarding distributed.net t-shirts and
other merchandise:

No, I do not know when distributed.net merchandise will become available.
We signed an agreement many months ago with www.nerdgear.com with the 
understanding that they'd be producing a variety of distributed.net
branded merchandise and handle all sales and distribution of the products.

Progress has been quite slow for some reason.  If you're curious when
we'll see merchandise, you might wish to mail support at nerdgear.com and
see if they have more current information.

The last I heard, they had found a way to do black shirts with the planet
logo in a cost-effective manner and were hoping to have samples to us
soon to preview, but I haven't heard from them in several weeks.

We're just as eager to start wearing distributed.net t-shirts as you guys
are -- as soon as we know more I'll let you know.

nugget :: 26-Aug-1999 21:55 (Thursday) ::

Oh, regarding note below:  the white shirts seen on www.nerdgear.com are
the poor-quality transfer that was sent as a sample several months ago.  You 
probably don't want one of those, mine is quite faded after just two washings.

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