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Mon Aug 30 21:00:02 EDT 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 30-Aug-1999 02:45 (Monday) ::

Just thought I'd do a quick update. I'm working on implementing
some logging capabilities on stats that will log info to a table,
making analyzing that data much easier. The primary reason for
doing this is to be able to gather performance data on the .php3
scripts that sit between apache and sybase. This info will let us
intelligently tune the scripts for the best trade-off between
speed and ease of maintenance. Yeah, pretty boring stuff, but my
hope is that it will prove very useful in the long run.

Of course I've got my usual 'internal' stuff going on too. I'd
tell you all about it, but then I'd have to kill all of you, which
would have a detrimental effect on our keyrate ;P

BTW, in case you missed it, we broke 12% last night. 13% should
come in 25-30 days.

decibel :: 30-Aug-1999 05:12 (Monday) ::

After reading a very interesting web site about HTTP caching
(http://www.mnot.net/cache_docs/), I thought I'd try making our .php
scripts more cache friendly. What I soon found out was that Sybase
and php like to use different date/time formats. Sybase likes to
output formated date/time strings (like 'Apr 4 1999, 13:40'), but .php
is very heavily biased towards unix style timestamps.

If any of you have any functions we could use to convert from the
Sybase format to the .php format, I'd love to hear about them! You
might want to add the info to the php annotated manual too

nugget :: 30-Aug-1999 15:02 (Monday) ::

Yes, the statsbox died in the middle of the night last night.  It's rebooted
and everything look healthy enough.  Should be in good shape now, although 
slow because everyone's hitting it all at once.

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