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Wed Dec 1 19:00:10 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
nugget :: 01-Dec-1999 05:04 (Wednesday) ::

Well, that certainly took a lot longer than any of us anticipated!

We've created a new rc5_64_master table, but there are still a few minor
issues with it, and the data is completely unaudited against the old table.
However, it's late and I've done too many concurrent "up till 3am" nights
and I don't think I'll be awake much longer tonight.

So, until tomorrow, I've just caught up the csc stats and brought the web
server back up.  rc5 stats are still wonky and off, unfortunately.  But,
we may be close.  If the new data looks ok and the indexing runs smoothly
tomorrow, we may find ourselves in very good shape.

Thanks, as always, for all your patience and kind words and emails.  We'll
have this situation resolved as soon as is possible.

nugget :: 01-Dec-1999 21:24 (Wednesday) ::

Well, this is most excellent news.  We've isolated the slowdown to 
a single php page on the stats site, and a single change made to 
the code on that php page.

We had recently made a modification to the /rc5-64/psearch.php queries
that pulled the search data from a different table than it normally
pulls from.  For some reason, this is running much, much slower than
it should and is causing the incredible slowdown while stats are 
up and available.

When we remove access to this one page (rc5-64/psearch) stats seems
to run just fine and dandy.  So, at this point, the worst-case scenario
we're looking at is not being able to do a participant search while the
daily processing is running.  At least until we can figure out why 
the query is running so slowly.

I've already rebuilt the relevant indexes and that hasn't helped any,
so there's still more debugging we need to do.  The good news is that
since we know what has to happen to repair the performance, I can
go ahead and start catching up the rc5-64 data to bring it current.

More details as the situation progresses.

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