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Fri Dec 3 19:00:04 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
vetere :: 03-Dec-1999 00:32 (Friday) ::

I'd like to encourage all the people sending me Mac port bug reports
to use bugzilla instead. It lives to serve you. Feed it. 


In port news, AltiVec RC5 support is definitely in the next beta
release. The coders are trying to get one out tonight, but tomorrow's
more likely. 

nugget :: 03-Dec-1999 04:45 (Friday) ::

Well, just when it looked like things were in good shape..  :)  Just can't
win today, I guess. 

As you can see, stats are nearly back to full operations.  It's been a busy
36 or so hours catching up the rc5-64 data, but we're back on track there.
The only little hitch from today is that the csc stats for 2-Dec are
incomplete.  For some reason the 23:00 through 23:59 logfile never made
it across from the keymaster.

Normally I'd just re-run the day's stats, but rc5-64 stats are running
now and I'm reluctant to try running both at the same time.  So...
the numbers for yesterday are ~1/24th too low, and I'll re-process with
the missing logfile in the morning.


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