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Sat Dec 4 19:00:04 EST 1999

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dbaker :: 04-Dec-1999 23:24 (Saturday) ::

Congratulations (and thanks, to those of you that have helped!), we've
reached the 20% complete point in the CSC challenge.  The odds are
getting better and better that we find the key in the next day.

We've reached the point where we're about to start recycling keyspaces.  This
means that we've assigned almost all the keys in the CSC keyspace and need
to begin reassigning keys that have yet tobe returned.  Optimally, we would
like to reassign keys in the order that we originally assigned them (so that
minimal work is wasted), but due to our "keyspace jumping" method of
assigning keys, this isn't realistically possible.  Regardless, we will be doing
our best to reassign in the rough order that we started with.

This should serve as a significant reminder to most people that it's not a good
idea to buffer an amount of blocks that your computer(s) couldn't complete in
four or five days.  Accordingly, now is an optimal time to review your
configuration for optimal performance, and to flush any outstanding
CSC blocks.

Keep on cracking.  Good luck!


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