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Thu Dec 9 19:00:10 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 09-Dec-1999 03:53 (Thursday) ::

For those of you who are either hyper-observant, or addicted to 
stats, you will notice that although the CSC main page says we
did 1.7% of the keyspace yesterday (which we did), and reports
that we've completed 26.9% of the keyspace overall (which we
have), that this math doesn't make sense since yesterday it
reported that we had completed 26.4% of the keyspace overall
(which we hadn't). This was because I forgot to delete a
record when the Dec 5 statsrun got botched.

This only affects the main CSC stats page and the CSC graphs.
No participant info was harmed in the making of this 'whoops'.

All is now well again on that front.

Unfortunately, rc5-64/psearch.php3 is now broken. To make a long
story short, nugget had backed out a change made to this page
on the live site manually. I then fixed the file and put the 
fixed version into CVS, and ran the normal command to update
the main site from CVS. CVS saw that the version of psearch on
the main site had been modified, so it created an 'annotated
checkout' of the file, with some nice commentary to let us know
what changed. Of course, PHP has not clue what all the extra
stuff in this file is supposed to do, so trying to pull up that
page results in a 'The document contains no data' error. Since
I don't have root on the box, I can't fix the garbled file either.
So, it'll be broken until I can find someone rootly to fix it,
which hopefully won't be long.

Sorry for the cowfusion and thanks for your patience!

decibel :: 09-Dec-1999 08:36 (Thursday) ::

It seems that the gremlins aren't dont messing with statsbox just
yet. For some reason, all the data for rc5 for Dec. 7th is gone.
I looked at the logs, and it did get imported, so I have no idea
where the data went.

I'm re-running stats for Dec. 7th. This will almost certainly
screw up all the 'ranking deltas' (those cute little up/down arrows
that let you know how much your ranking changed from yesterday),
so don't be alarmed when things look a little weird. All should be
back to normal after the Dec. 9th statsrun.

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