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vetere :: 12-Dec-1999 23:38 (Sunday) ::

I don't like posting a .plan update when I don't have any news to
report, but I sort of forced myself to after breaking a personal rule
and making a release-date announcement a week ago. I'll be careful in
the future not to do that. 

We're up to beta eight, internally. Nearly all of the bugs you've
reported to us have been fixed. There are a few outstanding major ones
that are blocking a release, though: the AltiVec CSC core still doesn't
pass -test, an infinite loop kicks in when the client is paused, and the
lurk mode doesn't properly detect when the TCP stack is open. 

As soon as one of these bugs is fixed I'll release a stopgap public
pre-release (not really a 'beta', because we know what bugs are
remaining at this point). If a few more days pass and none of the above
are fixed, I may throw out b7 as that stopgap measure (b8 is unstable). 

Rest assured that there is -massive- progress occuring behind the
scenes. One of the reasons this is taking so long, actually, is that two
coders both working like mad at the client are occasionally colliding in

RC5 core news is good. We've had reports of 5.8 Mk/s on 450 MHz Sawtooth
boxen. The next public beta will, finally, have the AltiVec RC5 core
in it. 

In the mid-term future, we're looking at an FBA for the massive G4 farms
out there - that "Velocity Engine" is just waiting to be put to use. 
We're also considering implementing a "Send Command..." dialogue a la
Anarchie's FTP command dialogue...


Our long-term goal is to have a GUI "controller" application that
communicates with the FBA engine. The CLI would become optional, for
die-hard users who like a commandline. We're aiming for 100% carbon

But that's long term. In the meanwhile, please understand that the Mac
effort is not dead - it's just progressing so fast that its wheels are

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