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Fri Dec 17 19:00:02 EST 1999

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vetere :: 17-Dec-1999 05:22 (Friday) ::

Beta 9 of the Mac Client lives. 


This isn't a traditional "beta" so much as a pre-release. If you find
any major bugs, we'd of course love to hear about them, but we by and
large think we have the bug situation under control. 

Major release-blockers we know about are two in number: the client has
no CSC AltiVec core (hurry up sampo!) and it doesn't properly detect
modem connections unless you restart it after dial-up. We may go ahead
and release anyway if only one of these bugs has been fixed as of early
next week.

If you find a bug beyond these or what's currently in Bugzilla, please
add it and/or notify me of its existence. 

(Bugzilla, for your reference, is at http://www.distributed.net/bugs/ .)

The people responsible for the Mac port of the distributed.net client
are Michael Feiri (mfeiri) and Don Bruder (Dakidd). They deserve your
eternal gratitude. Send it. Direct all flames / complaints / inquiries
at yours truly instead, as the coders' mailboxes are full already. 

dbaker :: 17-Dec-1999 08:38 (Friday) ::


I tinkered with stats this evening and setup CPU and OS distribution
statistics for CSC:


As soon as I'm completely happy with how it's working (and get all
the proper icons in place!), I'll set it up for RC5-64, too.  That should
be in the next week or so.



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