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Sun Dec 19 19:00:02 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
bovine :: 19-Dec-1999 14:49 (Sunday) ::

I've updated http://www.distributed.net/source/ with the latest source
code for the Win32 Log Visualizer (v1.1), the Win32 MooSounds utility
(v1.0a), and the preliminary source of the Java Log Visualizer (v0.9).

The Java Log Visualizer source was predominantly written by Willie Goo
at my request, though I did all of the parsing code and final cleanup
to get it actually working.  Compiled versions of the Java Log
Visualizer have intentionally not yet been provided because it is
still a little bit aways from being useful to non-developers, however
I'm making what I have available because a number of people have
expressed their interest in helping with development.  If any Java
people are interested in working on this, drop me an email since I
will likely not get too much more progress done on this soon.

I would welcome hearing from people who have suggestions or
development time to contribute to these or any other possible

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