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Tue Dec 21 19:00:03 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
moose :: 21-Dec-1999 01:44 (Tuesday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-freebsd-x86-elf.tar.gz FreeBSD x86 v2.8004.450 [ELF/MT/MMX-CSC]
- dnetc-win32-x86.zip Win32 x86 v2.8004.450 [MMX-CSC]
- dnetc-solaris-sparc.tar.gz Solaris 2.x [Sparc/UlraSparc/MT]

For those of you who always send me e-mails asking what has changed,
here you go:


2.8004.450  new: macos port including Altivec core support (twice as
                 fast as MMX on otherwise comparable hardware)

2.8003.449  chg: win32: client sleeps for 10secs immediately after starting
                 as service to allow the rest of the system to fire up first
            fix: all: not being able to -update if offlinemode
            fix: solaris: time stamps/elapsed time on MP boxes
            fix: all: clients will again reset work if the core # changes 
                 (functionality was lost in 2.8002.446 - reset if client
                 version or platform changes was unaffected).

2.8003.448  new: x86: 50% faster CSC MMX core added. '6bit - bitslice' 
                 replaces '6bit - called'
            fix: all: lines in mail/logfile are no longer truncated
            fix: all: pause by signal (by user) and pause by filename
                 are additive, that is, pause remains in effect as
                 long as either one is in effect.
            fix: all: completed/summary time is now elapsed wall clock
                 time again
            fix: x86: Cyrix 6x86 auto-selects CSC core #3 now.
            imp: all: threads no longer check external flags for shutdown/
                 pause state. Flags are 'pushed' instead, which reduces 
                 cache footprint.
            fix: win32: win95B doesn't have a 'Lucinda Console' TrueType
                 font, so client avoids it now.
            chg: many: DES cores are no longer included
            imp: all: benchmarks have greater time precision (no longer
                 overshoot the end of the bench period)
            chg: *nix: client setsid()s and dups std handles to /dev/null
                 when started with -quiet/-hide
            fix: dun config collision with no-networking resolved 
                 (dun was still active even if the networking was disabled)

Happy cracking!

vetere :: 21-Dec-1999 03:01 (Tuesday) ::

..and out it goes...


Just about every major issue relating to the Mac OS client I just signed
& uploaded is covered in the Read Me. 

And so, after about a month of blood, sweat and code on the part of
Michael Feiri and Don 'Dakidd' Bruder, we have a Mac client that builds
from the common code and is easily updated. The Mac port is here to
stay. Next up: a faceless background application...

moose :: 21-Dec-1999 03:48 (Tuesday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-macos-ppc.sit MacOS [PPC/OS8.x+/CSC]

Happy cracking!

nugget :: 21-Dec-1999 05:39 (Tuesday) ::

During tonight's stats run things got extremely unhealthy during the
creation of the rc5-64 overall email rankings table.  Sybase consumed
all it's locks and several processes became deadlocked and refused to
die gracefully.  (Heck, they wouldn't even die screaming).

We spent a few hours poking and prodding, trying to convince the blocking
process to go away to no avail.  Unfortunately, the only recourse at that
point was to down the whole server in a rather indelicate manner.  (not
quite a kill-9, but pretty close).

Right now we're sifting through the data now that the server is back 
online.  We're trying to determine the scope of the damage (if any)
and get a feel for the situation.

More info as the situation progresses...

nugget :: 21-Dec-1999 21:21 (Tuesday) ::

Looks like things on statsbox are healthy.  We had to re-create some
indexes, but everything else checks out ok.  Thanks for your patience
as we hammered on the bits.

So, stats are up.  Far more importantly, though, the mac client is out!  :)


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