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vetere :: 22-Dec-1999 02:41 (Wednesday) ::

Some users have reported a perceived CSC speed drop between b2 and the
-450 release of the Mac client. Michael Feiri, the client's author,
clarifies that this decrease is only perceived, and that there is no
actual decrease in crunching speed. 

"AFAIR in the b2 version we didnt do any yielding during a benchmark,
but rather hogged the entire CPU. Now we do yield during benchmarks,
which is likely the cause for the performance decrease you have seen.
The actual CSC crunchers were left untouched between b2 and b9. So the
normal cracking in the release should be as fast as in b2 because even
in b2 we already yielded during normal crunching."

chrisb :: 22-Dec-1999 18:38 (Wednesday) ::

I've just uploaded a new x86/Solaris client, which has the MMX CSC core, as
well as being multithreaded (fixes bug #450). I also uploaded a v311 x86/
Solaris personal proxy, which is CSC compatible.

Hopefully they'll become available soon.

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