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Mon Nov 8 19:00:01 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
dbaker :: 08-Nov-1999 15:28 (Monday) ::

I made lots of distributed.net progress over the weekend.  Although many of
my accomplishments won't affect users directly, they offer significant
improvements to the distributed.net network as a whole.

I upgraded the keymaster from FreeBSD 3.2-STABLE to 3.3-STABLE.  In the past,
I've had a history of letting it go with an old OS for months on end; it
never goes down, so there's little reason to upgrade.  However, if you don't
"stay on" an upgrade path, it gets much harder as releases progress.

I finally implemented Topanga.  Topanga (aka TWOpanga) will serve as
(www2|ns2|ftp2|http2).distributed.net.  I already have several of these
services in production.  Having another DCTI machine that can serve as
a completely backup for nodezero (which is the master for web/dns/etc) will
not only increase general operating redundancy, but allow us to finally
upgrade the machine.  At this point, I've been given the budget approval to
buy the new machine, but I was waiting for topanga to be in place to do so.  In
the next coming weeks, I'll be ordering and building the new nodezero.  I plan
to see it in production before 2000.

dbaker :: 08-Nov-1999 20:07 (Monday) ::

	Yeah, it's been years.  This is unacceptable. They're one of my
	priorities.  I'm going to get these shirts, mugs, posters, and hats
	designed, on the web, and out the door.

	We're a bunch of computer geeks.  We don't know how to make
	t-shirts and sell them.

	We have been working with a company called NerdGear.  The problem
	is that they're slow and incompetent.  Their shirts are ugly and
	they aren't what we wanted, nor did we approve them before they
	started selling them.  Additionally, after one wash, they show
	severe fading.  They suck.

	I've called twice and tried to fire them with no luck; the guy
	is never in.  Hopefully I'll give them the boot in the next day or

	We need to find a competent company that is capable of helping us
	design this merchandise.  We then need this company to produce and
	sell the merchandise.  We will be able to give an idea as to how
	much demand there will be.

	I think we expect to have a variety of t-shirt designs, with each
	offered in black and white.  The DCTI logo is a high color image
	that requires image transferring technology to look right.  We have
	the cow-head logo in resolution-independent (photoshop and raster)
	format, which apparently makes production much easier. 

	If you work for a company that can do this, or know of one, please
	email me (dbaker at distributed.net) any and all information.

	First off, expect a new survey of interest.  The results of this
	survey will be posted live.  You'll be able to vote on what items
	you will be interested in buying, and how many.

	I plan to have a "dWear" page on the web site in the next day or two 
	that will offer all appropriate information and links.  I am doing
	my best to get the ball rolling.

	Hopefully, I'll get significant response to my "How can you help?"
	offer above.  Accordingly, I'll weed through the selections and
	find a good company so that all our users can show their cow pride.

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