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moose :: 09-Nov-1999 16:01 (Tuesday) ::

Hope everyone is having fun, because I know I am!  We have announced
our beta test of the OGR/CSC contests.  I announced it Monday in
#distributed on efnet to see if we could find any major bugs right
away.  Now with the coverage of the beta at http://www.slashdot.org/
we have decided to go ahead and announce it on a larger scale.

So for those of you who don't know here is the info on the beta:

Beta page is located at: http://www.distributed.net/beta/ Please read
the whole page before jumping in on the beta.  If you are going to
tell someone else about the beta please refer to this page and not
directly to the location of the beta clients.

Beta FAQ is at http://www.distributed.net/beta/betafaq.html Please
read this before asking more questions.

You are running the beta client and you followed all the directions on
the beta page and you are having problems, fill out a bug report at

If you are looking for someone to talk to come visit us at
#distributed on efnet.  If someone in the know is around we will try
to help you out, but please report all bugs to bugzilla first.

As far as clients available, we have clients for FreeBSD (elf), Linux
(glibc2), Win32, Win16, and DOS.  Yes I know you want more clients and
we are working on it and they will be posted to the beta page as soon
as we get them.  Please also note that the clients timeout 1 week from
the date they are updated on the web page.  You will need to keep on
top of updating clients, so please check back often.

Thanks and Happy Beta!

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