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Wed Nov 17 19:00:01 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
vetere :: 17-Nov-1999 04:36 (Wednesday) ::

I've put a rate clock up for the duration of the CSC contest. It
currently refreshes every two minutes, and talks directly to the master
keyserver. These stats are current. 


decibel :: 17-Nov-1999 06:29 (Wednesday) ::

Ok, for all of you who've been asking when we'll have CSC stats,
I'm working on it. I'd like to put stats for all the contests into
the same set of tables for simplicity sake (and sanity sake on our
end), but this is gonna take some thinking. It also doesn't help
that Nugget's busy putting his new house together. Yeah, we should
have looked into this sooner, but I've been busy dealing with new
DSL (I wouldn't want to even think about making all these updates
over my 56k dialup!), and nugget's been in 'house mode' for quite
some time as well.

So, please have patience... I'm hoping that these changes will take
less than a week *crosses fingers*.

Thanks for your cycles and patience!

nitehawk :: 17-Nov-1999 20:54 (Wednesday) ::

Well... I've been idle for long enough now.  I'm currently in the
process of getting the csc stats pages together while nugget gets the
backend scripts together.  Assuming all goes well, we could have CSC
stats by tonite or tomorrow's stats run.

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