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Fri Nov 19 19:00:01 EST 1999

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nugget :: 19-Nov-1999 00:37 (Friday) ::

Just a few "known issues" with stats...

  o the code that determines how many new participants and new teams
    joined is horribly confused by the addition of the csc contest,
    so don't rely on any reported values there.  Still need to figure
    out how to work that out accurately.

  o http://stats.distributed.net/csc/money.html describes the prize money
    distribution for the csc challenge.  Thanks mostly to the head-start
    that dcti staff had on the general userbase, distributed.net has a
    fragile lead on fsf for receiving the bulk of the prize money.  Looking
    at the numbers, it's pretty clear that fsf will pull ahead tomorrow.

    Just as a reminder, nonprofit voting doesn't work like teams.  If
    you'd like to change your nonprofit selection for the csc contest,
    all your blocks (past, present, and future) will count as votes for
    whichever nonprofit you select.  It sure would be nice to see some
    competition in this area, instead of the landslide of fsf votes we
    see for rc5-64.  Perhaps the recent article on project gutenberg
    as seen on slashdot.org would compel someone to vote for P.G. :)

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