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decibel :: 21-Nov-1999 01:50 (Sunday) ::

Man, talk about being in the hot-seat! :)

For those who noticed, sorry that stats were about an hour late
tonight. I made some extensive changes to the CSC daily routine,
and it took some time to work the final bugs out. The good news
is that the script it now capable of handling multiple projects.
This means that instead of having several different import scripts
for different projects like we do now, we'll soon be able to run
a single set of scripts to update any project. This will make
maintenance much easier, since we only need to change one script.

Of course, Murphy had to have his fun, so it took me several tries
to get everything working right. All is fine once again, and the
rc5-64 update is churning happily away (though it's still using
the old scripts).

Before we can completely switch over to the single set of scripts,
we'll have to rename some tables, which will also affect the PHPs,
so it'll be a little while before that happens. In the meantime
though, I intend to take a crack at speeding up some of the SQL
routines that happen during the update. I also want to get things
setup so that instead of importing all of the log files during the
stats-run, they'll get imported during the day as the logs come in.
This should save ~4 minutes for CSC, and ~32 minutes for rc5-64.

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