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Tue Nov 23 19:00:01 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 23-Nov-1999 01:15 (Tuesday) ::

Well, thanks to several sharp-eyed participants, we discovered
that the CSC logs were accidentally included in the RC5 stats-run
last night. This is obviously a BadThing(tm). So, we get to re-
process yesterday's rc5 data in tonight's run.

We also discovered another error that would have prevented a very
small number of people from searching for their stats using
psearch.php3. We've also fixed that.

What this all boils down to is that stats will be late tonight.

Sorry for the cowfusion.

decibel :: 23-Nov-1999 06:13 (Tuesday) ::

Well, bad news.... statsbox is looking rather unhealthy. It started acting
a little flaky during the CSC run, then when it hit the -04 logfile during
the rc5 run, it ground to a halt. Nugget shut down apache, and all was good

Then, we discovered that it's going to end up importing 2 of today's (Nov. 23)
logfiles. This is bad.

Neither of us is going to stay up to babysit the run (damn day-jobs!), so we'll
have to deal with it tommorow.

The box is also acting rather unhealthy again, so there's probably something
funny going on... we'll keep everyone informed as we know more.

Sorry for all the hassles.

nugget :: 23-Nov-1999 15:37 (Tuesday) ::

The 21-Nov RC5 stats run is about half-way through, and after this will
come the 22-Nov RC5 run.  CSC stats are current and accurate, it's just
RC5 that is affected at this point.  

The trouble stems from the fact that (as decibel mentioned last night)
the box has developed an annoying habit.  If apache is on and serving
requests, the stats run completely halts.  If I turn off apache, it
runs full speed.  So, in the interests of wrapping up the late runs, I've
got apache turned off.

(Hey, if nothing else, it's been a good opportunity to upgrade to the
most current apache and php releases)

Once the 21-Nov update wraps up, I think I'll reboot the box, although
I dunno what I expect that to accomplish.  Can't hurt, I suppose.

More details as the situation progresses.

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