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>From the readme: 

This is build two of beta one of the distributed.net Mac OS client,
version 2.8. These documents were hasilty thrown together to accompany
the binary, hot off the compiler, because we recognize the need to get a
Mac client out there now. 

The client is fully functional. It passes all tests. It has a bitslicing
CSC AltiVec core. It is not, as of yet, very nice, nor does it exhibit
optimal performance. We're fixing these bugs. To start it, select 'Run'
from the Commands menu. 

distributed.net has notgiven up on GUI development for the Mac client.
This release has a CLI due to time constraints - we figured you all
would rather have a CLI that works than nothing at all. 

Don't even bother reporting bugs. We've got an internal formal beta team
madly scrambling to weed out and fix the bugs. You willget a GUI. Soon.
It will look good. I personally promise. Flood my mailbox if you don't. 

Everyone should thank Nate Begeman (nbegeman at umich.edu) for his hard,
fast work in optimizing the AltiVec core and spitting this beta out. All
praise should be sent to him, and all complaints to me. 

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